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Meet The Boss

Welcome to the Family

Smooth has been designing clothing since a young adolescent.  She strives to deliver the absolute best clothing designs for all men and women, no matter the shape or size!

Smooth also offers a personal experience with her virtual or in person consultations to help customers find their own unique style.  

She has revamped her clothing line to suit all of customers needs.

Feel free to leave comments on your experience with us.


"Don't Follow the Trend, Start One."

She Smooth Video

Journalist: When was she smooth founded?

Smooth: I have been really building my brand since 2019 , it has been an up hill battle but I am really excited on where this new road takes me.

Journalist: What are somethings that motivate you when it comes to your Fashion Line ?

Smooth: I would have to say standing out. Delivering and serving confidence to the world. Blazing a trail for the new generation of fashion.

Journalist: Wow that is amazing Smooth. What can we expect to see now that you have revamped your website ?

Smooth: Now that I have revamped you will see Elite fashion , something you can not get anywhere but with the smoothest brand ;)

Journalist: We are excited to see this new revamp Smooth. One more question while I have you. What sets your clothing brand apart from others who are in this business.

Smooth: The way that I personalize every shopping experience for my customers no matter the walk of life. I want it to feel personal ! When someone shops with me it matters . I want everyone to be able to find their own unique style and if you need my assistance I am there I will be your own personal stylist this is what I do and what I love !

With an eye for fashion and design, I’m known for my aesthetically fresh styles that add a touch of wow to any wardrobe. I aim to provide all of my clients with pieces that will enhance their beauty and confidence, bringing out their best. Explore my service offerings now, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

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